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Specialists in concrete since 1971

It is the foundation of many large greenhouse companies and industrial enterprises: the concrete flooring. Concrete projects are our speciality, and have been since 1971. During that time we have become the market leader in the greenhouse sector. Verkade Beton is also becoming more known in the industrial market.

vk1Creating a concrete floor is a complex combination of factors. At Verkade-Beton we keep a perfect balance. Our employees are well-trained to keep an eye on all the details while they create perfection, and our state of art machinery is not just efficient, but also durable.

Innovatively strong, high in quality

Verkade Beton is an innovative company. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality, shorten our delivery time and lower our costs. We never make concessions to quality. That is simply impossible because a perfect concrete floor is necessary in any industrial process. That is why our company is certificated according to the ISO 9001. We follow all the safety procedures. Not only for our employees, but also for yours...

A responsible company

As our company is firmly imbedded into society we participate in social and environmental initiatives. We find it important to take responsibility for the materials we use, and make sure they are energy efficient.


We are a member of the Dutch Union of subcontractors in Greenhouse building.